The Value of Time

Time is the most valuable thing on earth, nothing compares to it. Once it’s gone, it can never be redeemed. It is always moving and it never stops. It is always moves forward and never backward. Everything on earth depends on time and nothing happens before it. Everything requires time to get done and without time, we have nothing. So with this in mind, what really is the value of time?

There is an old story about Picasso. He was sitting on a park bench when he was approached by a woman who asked him to make a portrait of her. He agreed and made the portrait quickly and gave it to her. She was impressed by the portrait but when she asked for the price, she was shocked. “$5000!” she exclaimed, “but it only took you a few minutes to draw this”. “No “replied Picasso, “it took me my entire life.”

Of course if you have already heard this story then you know his reply differs with your source but the lesson remains the same, there is a price for mastery.  Picasso had to invest time into learning how to draw to be able to draw such an impressive portrait in such a short time. But once he had mastered his craft, people never really understood its value.

There is a quote that states “we tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in a year”. This quote tends to bring out the lack of patience that is shown by people. People want to go to the gym and get results in two weeks, yet it takes about a month for the results to start showing, people want to go to art class and in one month, draw like a pro. Good things take time, be it work, art and even relationships it takes time for this things to actually flourish.

I was at a talk for high school kids the other day and their career mentor was just telling them about the value of school and learning. He told them that the more you stay in school, the more you will earn once you are done. Now given that that may not really apply in this day and age, the idea behind his statement is very powerful and still applies. The more time you invest in doing something, be it writing, art, dancing or singing the better you will be at it at the end of the day. And that, I believe, is the true value of time.

Have a nice day 🙂


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