Being Proactive

If you are a fan of motivational speeches or quotes, then you have noticed that most of them have one basic theme, to be successful you have to make things happen. You have to do things and take initiative so that you can be the person you want to be tomorrow and in the future. But how do you ensure you keep moving despite the obstacles that you will encounter along the way? Well, it’s very simple; you need to realize what kind of a person you are. In today’s article I talk about two kinds of people, the proactive and the reactive and I give you some tips on how to be more proactive so that you can be the kind of person who makes things happen and not the person who things happen to.

So what is being proactive or reactive? This two are opposites of each other. A reactive person is a person who does not take initiative. These kind of people let the environment determine how they feel and how they will act. As a result, they are tossed and turned by the tides of life and most of the time life catches them by surprise. They do not plan for the future so when the future does take place and they are not ready; they scramble to react to it just to stay afloat.

A proactive person on the other hand is one who takes initiative. They own their life, their mistakes and their problems. They rarely make excuses and are busy fixing their problems. Unlike the reactive person, the proactive person adapts to the waves of life and isn’t caught by surprise when the unexpected takes place. They not only plan for the future but anticipate it to ensure that nothing catches them off guard.

So with this in mind, what makes these two types of people so different? The answer lies in how they perceive life and their way of living. For example, reactive people do not see the point in learning while proactive people always keep learning no matter the place or age. In a work place environment, reactive people will do what they are told and wait for more orders while the proactive will look for improvement and an opportunity in the work that they are doing. They are more likely to get promoted at work while the reactive stay in the same position at work. When it comes to change, reactive people will opt to stay in the same old routine. Change for them is unpleasant and uncomfortable while proactive people will embrace the change since it means that they are moving forward.

In a nut shell, reactive people deal with things as they come. They come unprepared and as a result two things will happen to them; they will waste time on unproductive activities and they will often feel overwhelmed by things. This is as a result to not having planned before hand. Proactive people on the other hand are organized and tend to project themselves into the future instead of focusing on what is happening to them in the moment.

So how do you become a more proactive person? First make your own luck. Luck is said to be where preparation meets opportunity. Take steps on a daily basis to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. Set out milestones and timeframes and make sure you attain the goals you set for yourself. Be consistent. Success is not about getting everything right, it’s about consistency. Ensure that you are consistently taking steps on a daily basis and steadily moving towards your goal. The steps do not have to be big, small steps compounded overtime will move you further down the path to being successful in what you do.


Find the right people. You are the average of the five people you hang out with. Imagine being in a room where people are just watching movies, playing games or taking naps, do you think you will be able to make actionable plans to improve your life? Of course not. Surround yourself with people who are driven and effective so that their energy can rub off on you as well. You have to choose between driven people and people who are just going to drag you down; you can’t have both and expect to succeed. Lazy people are like quicksand, they hold you down without you knowing it until one day when you realize that you have been consumed by laziness.  Surround yourself with people who are taking initiative and be motivated to take charge of your life.

Finally be honest with yourself. Look at what you are doing and how you are doing it. When something is not working, be honest with yourself instead of making excuses. It’s easy to stay busy and think you are making progress and harder to acknowledge that you are not actually making progress. You will not get better by telling yourself it is okay because it is not, if something is not working out, be honest about what it is and make the necessary changes.

These are not the only tips on being proactive but they are a good starting point for anyone who feels they want to change and start making progress. Look at them as steps to transforming yourself into the kind of person who can build the kind of future you aspire to have. Take initiative and take charge of your life.

Have a great day ahead 🙂





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