Creating GREAT CONTENT for your blog

When it comes to creating great content for a blog or any other platform, the question is not how to do it but what to say. What do you write about and where do you get the ideas from?

When it comes to blogging, being original is key. But even with original content, creating more over time becomes a challenge and in most cases the blog updates start reducing and finally the blogger stops posting on his blog. I have personally gone through such an experience and to avoid it in future, I decided to do an article on the issue.

Content is everywhere. No matter what kind of a blogger you are, content is not that hard to find. I knew of a guy who would write about something he saw in town, may be some acrobats doing some tricks in town, or a magician. It could even be an event you went to that you would like to tell people about and encourage them to attend, whatever it is, it can be turned into an article.

However, even with the world giving us content, we will always have our off days when we simply do not have something to write about. If this is a struggle for you, here are some other tips to help you come up with some great content.

Check out other blogs:

Writing is an art and just like any art we need references from time to time to have a better picture of what is expected. If you wanted to draw the Eifel tower, you would not just sit down and wing it hoping you will get a great picture, you would first go online, find a good image of it, take it in, and then start your drawing. In the same way, other blogs can act as a great reference material when you don’t have much to write about.

Other blogs also give you an idea of what topics people are interested in and what most people have to say about them. So next time you don’t have a clue about what to write, go online and check out some of your favorite blogs, you’ll come across some great content.

Share your success or failure:

Blogs are a great platform to share some tips on personal development. If you have accomplished something, it makes some great content for a blog. You can tell people what you did to get to where you are. Give a step by step process of how you came to achieve something and by all means, try not to brag.

Success however isn’t the only thing you can share about. Failures can also help people avoid making similar mistakes or even wasting their time on something that is not worthwhile. Be it business, college or life in general, talk about the challenges you went through and some of the lessons you learnt.

Tell a personal story:

Now this is a tough one but a good one no doubt. A personal story is great blog material especially if it is a personal blog. Personal stories help you connect with your readers and if it is a good story, it may become a source of inspiration for your audience.

Review products:

There are a lot of products out there that people need to know about.  Whether its accessories, clothes or shoes, people feel safer when they understand a product before purchase. So if there is a product you really know about, writing a review of it makes some great blog material. It not only helps you get more readers, it also builds your credibility next time you write a product review.

Take a walk:

Taking a walk is recommended in many instances from having depression to increasing focus. Sometimes we are not stuck because we don’t have anything to write about but because we have too much on our mind. Taking a walk helps you refresh and organize your thoughts giving you a better edge the next time you write. You also have no idea what you will find or see on your walk. So next time you feel stuck, get moving and get those ideas flowing.

I hope the tips above give you a great place to start the next time you need to write something and also an idea of how wide the content pool can be. I will end with a quote from Wilson Mizner who said “When you take stuff from one writer it’s plagiarism, but when you take from many writers it’s called research.”

Have a great day:)


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