When I think about the word cornerstone, I think of the song cornerstone by hill song. The song says that Christ alone is the cornerstone and in him, the weak are made strong and through the storm He is Lord. Another name for cornerstone is foundation or core. It is something that is depended on for support and stability.

Sleep is our way of  recharging after a long day. A good nights sleep provides energy for the brain and the body, it supports daytime performance and it is essential for growth and development. Without sleep, every other tip on success can only get you so far. Allow me to illustrate this with a story.

A wood cutter would go to the forest everyday looking for trees. He would get there early in the morning and get to work. As he worked through the day, he realized that in the morning he would cut down more trees but as time progressed the number of trees he could cut would reduce. He tried increasing his effort and put more strength on the swing of the axe, but that only made a small change and exhausted him in the process.

He decides to go to a wise man with his problem, and after he explains, the wise man asks him, “how often do you sharpen your axe?” He replies, “I do it every morning.”. The wise man explains that this was his problem. Working all day with the same axe made it blunt and this is why he cut down many trees in the morning but could only get a few in the evening. “If you want to get more trees as you work,” the wise man said, “you need to consistently sharpen your axe.”

Sharpening of the axe in the above story can be seen as the cornerstone of this mans success at wood cutting. The number of trees the wood cutter could cut down depended on how sharp his axe was at the time. The sharper the axe, the more trees he could get and vice versa.

Sleep works in a similar way as sharpening the axe. The axe in this case means our minds. Our minds, like the axe need to be sharpened consistently to ensure more productivity and how do we sharpen our minds? By sleeping and relaxing and ensuring we are our best for better productivity and success at whatever we do.

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