Why MOTIVATION is Overrated

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and I am seated facing my laptop ready to write down a blog post. I feel frustrated because I do not have the motivation to do it. I have the topic written down, but I’m short of ideas. I wait patiently, hoping that my mind will come up with something but from past experience, I know this plan will not work out.

When I say motivation is overrated, the scenario above helps illustrate my point. By overrated, I mean that we tend to rely so much on motivation that we believe it is an essential for getting things done. I personally have waited on motivation on several occasions and even when it came, it never lasted that long. I eventually gave in and looked for something else to do.

Motivation is the general desire of someone to want to do something. It is the why that gets us working on everything we do. For example, my motivation for writing a blog is it gives me an avenue for me to share some of my thoughts. I also hope to get better and be able to publish more articles with time. That is my motivation, my reason. Having a reason behind what we do is a great thing, but in some instances, it is never enough.

Think about a big project or task like writing a report. If you write the report, you will get paid but at the same time writing the report can be a daunting task. You decide to do the report, thinking about the money that comes after. Half way through you realize that you want a break and a few minutes later, you postpone the task to do at a later time.

You see what happened is that you started doing the task with money as your goal without realizing that the task of writing a report may not be as easy. So you take a break hoping to get some motivation to continue,  and if you get it, you finish up the job. When you don’t, however,  you do not feel motivated anymore and at this point you will  switch to something else  and completely leave the first task.

I was in a class last week and something the lecturer said got to me. He was talking about motivation and how misunderstood it can be sometimes. He gave an example of a student waking up on a Saturday Morning with laundry to do. First, they  feel lazy and want to go back to sleep, but because of the work load they decide to get the job done. So they wash the first cloth, then the second ,then the third and by the time they are halfway , they have enough momentum to finish the whole batch. After their done, they think,” hey, I can wash the house too”.

As you can see, they started off with no motivation but by doing the work, they got motivated to even clean up the house which was not in their original plan. This example showed me another way to get more done on a daily basis. Instead of waiting on the willingness to do something try to build momentum. Move from a state of doing nothing and get yourself moving. With time, you will get momentum to finish the task at hand and have more to work on the other things in your life.

This is why I find motivation to be overrated, because people tend to rely on it waiting for it to come up yet they can create it by just getting busy. I hope this article gave you a few tips that you may have needed and I also hope it has given you a new look at motivation. If you do not have it, you can always get yourself moving and create it in the process. Get moving on your daily tasks and gain enough momentum to not only reach your goals but to also accomplish your dreams. Have a great day :).


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